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About Qatar

Qatar, a remarkable nation in the heart of the Middle East, offers a myriad of opportunities and unique advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs. Opening a business in Qatar is not only streamlined but also incredibly promising. As the world's leading exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Qatar's main source of income has long been its energy sector. This sector has powered the nation's remarkable economic growth and enabled it to invest in diverse projects that have become global landmarks.

Qatar's commitment to economic diversification and innovation is evident in its ambitious projects. Notably, it is set to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, showcasing its dedication to world-class infrastructure development. Additionally, major initiatives in healthcare, education, and sustainability highlight Qatar's commitment to building a vibrant and sustainable future.

Businesses in Qatar benefit from a business-friendly regulatory environment, tax incentives, and access to free zones. The strategic location of Qatar also provides easy access to both regional and international markets, making it a preferred destination for entrepreneurs and investors. With a focus on technology, research, and innovation, Qatar is not only a land of opportunity but also a global leader in pioneering solutions and projects.

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About PSS

Pointek Solutions Services, situated in the vibrant business landscape of Qatar, is a renowned business management company. We specialize in providing a diverse array of essential services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses looking to establish and thrive in Qatar.

Our core competencies span a wide spectrum of corporate solutions, including corporate partnership services, company formation, and professional PRO (Public Relations Officer) services. With a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of Qatar's regulatory framework, we are dedicated to simplifying complex procedures and ensuring that your business can operate smoothly and efficiently.

At Pointek Solutions Services, we understand that every business is unique, and we approach each client's needs with a personalized touch. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and regulatory compliance makes us a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate the intricacies of the Qatari market.

Whether you're a global corporation seeking a local partner or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to set up your business in Qatar, Pointek Solutions Services is here to guide you at every step of your journey, ensuring that your business venture aligns with local regulations and is poised for success in this dynamic and promising market.

Sheikh Khalid NK Nawaf Althani

Sheikh Khalid Nawaf N K Al-Thani


Sheikh Khalid Nawaf Al Thani, the esteemed Chairman of Pointek Solution Services LLC, is a driving force behind our mission to provide unparalleled support to businesses seeking to thrive in Qatar's dynamic market.


Sheikh Khalid  holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Middlesex University, additionally holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Hull and has further earned the Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Pointek Solutions Services LLC is more than a business management company – it's a beacon of comprehensive corporate support. We specialize in offering a full spectrum of corporate and employee PRO services, ensuring that our clients navigate the intricate regulatory landscape with ease. Under Sheikh Khalid's guidance, our team's proficiency in local HR, labor regulations, and legal requirements ensures that businesses are not only compliant but also positioned for success.

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+974 4417-7104 | 4436 - 7882

Office #707, 7th Floor, Building 56, Zone 22, Street 342, Al Jazeera St. Bin Mahmoud, Doha Qatar

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