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Company Formation / Registration in Qatar


Qatar, as a thriving global economy, extends a warm welcome to foreign investors interested in establishing businesses within its borders. The driving ambition of every entrepreneur is to realize their dream of becoming a successful business owner. A profound understanding of Qatar's local business setup and up-to-date knowledge of the country's economic regulations are paramount to ensure the prosperity of any company.

Individuals seeking commercial registration in Qatar must familiarize themselves with the available structural options or business categories, which include sole establishments, sole proprietorship companies, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC Qatar). Among these, the Limited Liability Company is the most prevalent choice. It necessitates the inclusion of one or more Qatari national partners, each holding a share in the company's capital amounting to no less than 51%.

Pointek Solutions Services offers comprehensive support for establishing various business entities in Qatar, whether it's a Limited Liability Company in Qatar, a company within a Qatar Free Zone, or a branch of a foreign company. Our extensive network of Qatari business contacts allows us to connect you with the ideal partner for your company.

Local Sponsor

When embarking on the journey to start a business in Qatar, one of the crucial initial requirements is the appointment of a local sponsor. This local sponsor is often a Qatari national who holds a certain percentage of ownership in the business, as mandated by Qatari law. This step is pivotal, as it not only ensures compliance with local regulations but also paves the way for foreign investors to enter the Qatari market.

However, the process of finding the right local sponsor and navigating the complexities of corporate partnership in a foreign land can be challenging. This is where Pointek Solutions Services steps in as your trusted partner. With our extensive expertise in Qatar's business landscape, we specialize in offering corporate partnership solutions, simplifying the process of identifying a reliable local sponsor. We go beyond the transactional aspects and focus on ensuring that the partnership aligns with your business objectives and is built on trust and mutual benefit.

Our commitment to excellence and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements make us the ideal choice for foreign companies seeking to establish themselves in Qatar. By choosing Pointek Solutions Services as your company formation and registration partner, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of local regulations and embark on your business venture in Qatar with a trustworthy and well-aligned local sponsor by your side.


Legal Structures Of The Company

In Qatar, there are various legal structures for businesses to choose from when considering company formation. Each legal structure has its own set of regulations and requirements, and selecting the most suitable one depends on the nature of your business, your ownership preferences, and specific business objectives. Pointek Solutions Services can be instrumental in guiding and assisting clients through this process.


Here are some of the common legal structures and how Pointek Solutions Services can provide valuable assistance:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a preferred structure for foreign investors looking to establish a presence in Qatar. In this setup, the regulations mandate the involvement of at least one Qatari partner who is required to hold a majority share of at least 51%. The remaining shares can be rightfully owned by foreign investors, offering them an opportunity to operate in the country.

Public Shareholding Company

A public shareholding company in Qatar is typically used for larger businesses and can issue shares to the public. It has higher minimum capital requirements compared to an LLC.

General Partnership Company

A general partnership in Qatar is a legal structure where all partners share equal responsibility for the business's debts and liabilities. It does not provide limited liability protection to the partners.

Limited Share Company

A limited share company in Qatar is a legal structure that allows for a distinction between general partners (who manage the business and have unlimited liability) and limited partners (whose liability is limited to their investment).

Joint Venture

A joint venture in Qatar is typically a contractual arrangement between two or more parties to undertake a specific project or business activity. Joint ventures can take various legal forms, and the liability structure may vary based on the specific agreement.

QFC Company Registration

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a financial and business hub in Qatar. QFC company registration allows businesses to operate within the QFC jurisdiction, which has its own set of regulations and incentives for financial and non-financial businesses.

Free Zone Company Registration

Qatar has established free zones, which are special economic zones with unique regulations and incentives for businesses. Free zone company registration allows companies to operate within these zones and benefit from the incentives offered.

Documentation Process

To start things off, you need to get the following three pieces of documents to be fully incorporated and perform all the necessary activities to run and grow your business in Qatar.

Commercial Residence (CR)

The CR is the first piece of document you need to acquire. It’s issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), and it’s usually the quickest one to get. A CR is nothing but a piece of document that states that here is “a legal entity with name x that is owned by these shareholders.”

Trade License

After receiving your CR, you need to get a Trade License, in order to have an office space that’s approved by the MEC for conducting your business activities. Getting a Trade License is usually the hardest part of this process- it can take some time to get this done, so plan your time accordingly.

Computer Card

A Computer Card is basically a document that says who is the signing authority on behalf of your company. While the Qatari partner in your enterprise needs to be listed on the Computer Card, the non-Qatari member is not required to do so, but can be included all the same. Before you apply for your Computer Card, you will need to get an official company stamp that will be used on all your official paperwork.  

Why Choose PSS

Selecting Pointek Solutions Services as your company formation and registration partner in Qatar is a strategic move driven by several compelling reasons. With a profound understanding of Qatar's business environment and extensive experience in company formation, we stand as your trusted guide in this intricate journey.

Our expertise in local regulations and our network of valuable contacts ensure that you have the right local sponsor by your side. We recognize that each business is unique, and our services are customized to align seamlessly with your specific objectives, whether you are a global corporation or a budding entrepreneur.

At Pointek Solutions Services, regulatory compliance is our priority. We meticulously handle all legal requirements, leaving no room for complications in the future. Our efficient processes expedite your company formation, allowing your business to commence operations promptly.

Clear and transparent communication is at the core of our service. We keep you informed at every step, offering clarity and confidence throughout the process. More than just guiding you through registration, we focus on tangible, long-term success for your business.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to continually assess and refine our services to meet the highest standards. With Pointek Solutions Services as your partner, you gain not just a service provider but a dedicated ally in building a strong, compliant, and prosperous business in Qatar.

Pointek Solutions Services as Your Trusted Partner in Company Formation and Registration

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