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 Corporate Partnerships

What is Corporate Partnership?

In accordance with Qatar's corporate regulations, a partner's contribution can be in the form of a specified sum of money, assets, or services that serve the company's objectives. It may also include work contributed by the partner themselves. The company's capital can consist of both cash and assets, or one of the two, without a predetermined ratio specifying how much should be in cash or assets. If a partner's contribution is in assets, a financial expert is brought in to determine its cash value.

Partners have the authority to determine the distribution of shares or ownership percentages as per the agreement signed between them. Profits and losses are distributed based on the ownership percentage each partner holds, unless otherwise specified in the articles of association or the contract executed by the partners.

Qatar's legislation mandates that foreign individuals wishing to establish businesses within the country must have a local (Qatari) partner who holds the majority stake or interest in the business. Typically, foreign investors can possess up to 49 percent of the share capital, while one or more Qatari partners must hold the remaining 51 percent.

The law also allows for foreign business owners to exceed the 49 percent ownership limit and own up to 100 percent, subject to approval by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, provided the business aligns with Qatar's development plans. Foreign partners who manage a business must also secure sponsorship from the business in which they hold shares.


Pointek Solutions Services is committed to fostering meaningful business collaborations through our corporate partnership opportunities in Qatar. We understand the value of strategic alliances and their potential to drive success and growth for both local and international entities in the vibrant Qatari market. Whether you're a foreign investor looking to establish a presence in Qatar or a local business seeking to expand your horizons, we provide a platform for forging these mutually beneficial connections.

Our commitment to excellence means that we work closely with our corporate partners to identify and meet their unique needs and objectives within the Qatari business landscape. We offer customized solutions, expertise, and a wealth of resources to help you uncover new opportunities, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiencies. By partnering with Pointek Solutions Services in Qatar, you're not just accessing a service; you're embarking on a journey towards shared success in this dynamic and ever-evolving market.

Services And Assistance We Can Offer:

Pointek Solutions Services plays a crucial role in helping foreign business owners establish and grow their operations in Qatar by providing the necessary local expertise, support, and guidance. Their services can significantly contribute to the success of the foreign-owned business in the Qatari market.

We invite you to explore the possibilities with us and experience the transformative impact of a partnership that transcends traditional business relationships, truly empowering your endeavors in Qatar.

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